(updated 11/14/16)


Tuesday 11/15 Concert
Concert Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Choir
6:45pm Warm-up
7:30pm Concert in the Commons
            w/ dessert

ll: Practice, Eat, Sleep, Repeat :ll

Looking Ahead...

ll: Practice, Eat, Sleep, Repeat :ll

Symphonic / Concert Band Rehearsal Make-ups
~ If you have missed a rehearsal and it is an excused
  absence, you may make-up the missed points.
  20 points for each rehearsal.
  75% of the total points can be earned with a
  make-up recording.
  Please submit a practice recording for the make-up.
  (Flash Drive or email)
  15mins = C Day
  30mins = A/B Day

  ~ What to Practice:

     1. Daily Drill / Personal Practice List
         (scroll down the Band Notes)
     2. Pieces we are preparing in class for Performance

Using GarageBand:

  1. Open GarageBand, Guitar icon
  2. Save As: Your Name
  3. TRACK: New Track
  4. Choose Real Instrument
  5. CONTROL: uncheck the metronome
  6. RECORD (as many times as you need)
  7. SAVE the best one
  8. SHARE: Export to Disk / choose desktop
  9. eMail, attach the file, subject: Your Name
  10. SEND: mbeazley@parkwayschools.net

How are you doing with your personal practice regimen?
Are you taking private lessons?  These things are a
tremendous benefit to your personal success as well
as the band's!!!

Looking for something to play other than our
band music? (ie. the last part of the personal practice list)

Check out 8notes.com for FREE sheet music. 

Just click on your instrument and find tons of

great melodies!!

How much Concert Band music do you listen to? 
Listening to the right music is very important. 
Check out the Recordings Page and get the
Concert Band sound in your head!!

Jazz Band Members:
How much Jazz music to you listen to?  Listening
to the right music is very important.  Check out
the Recordings Page and get the Jazz sound
in your head!!

The Music Links Page now has links for each instrument!!

Check out the world of Flute, Double Reed, Clarinet,

Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Euphonium, Tuba and Percussion.

Attn: Seniors!!!

Thinking about continuing to play in college?

Check out the College/University Music Dept. page.

You can become a Music Major, or just have fun

playing in a Concert, Jazz or Athletic Band. 

You would be surprised how many non-music majors

there are in the bands.

Thinking about a career in music?  Check out the

Music Career Center at www.menc.org/careers


The "Three T's" are the most important thing to 
consider when practicing.
Are you playing?....
  1. In TONE (quality tone for your instrument)
  2. In TUNE (check pitch with a tuner or piano)
  3. In TIME (Practice with a metronome)        
!! If you are not playing "in tone", you will
         never sound "in tune" !!


Personal Practice List: WW & Brass

  * Pracitce with a metronome (www.metronomeonline.com)
  * Check intonation with a tuner or a piano

~ Breathing Exercises - increase breath support

~ Long Tones - quarter = 60-72
   *Brass: Play / Buzz / Play

~ Flexibility - warm-up sets 1-4
   *Brass: Play / Buzz / Play

~ Finger / Articulation Drills - 
     - scale patterns, 3rds, intervals, arpeggios
   *Brass: Play / Buzz / Play
* Be sure to develop a fast single tongue that is clear
     before working on multiple tonguing.  
     ex. single tongue 16th notes @ quarter = 110

~ Multiple Tonguing (brass & flutes only)
    double: TK, triple: TTK, TKT

~ Scales - Maj, min, har. min., mel. min., chromatic
2 octaves / range extension
   * Brass: Play / Buzz / Play
   * rest 15 min. after working on range extension

~ Lyrical Playing - Chorales, melodies
   *Brass: Play / Buzz / Play

~ Prepared Music - Etudes, Concert Music, Solo & Ensemble
   *Brass: Play / Buzz / Play short excerpts 
   * warm-down with Long Tones after long practice sessions


MusicPCH.COM has it all.
Yes you can even get Pirates here!!
Sorry, no kittens.




You're a WINNER!!

You have read the entire Band Notes!!

See Mr. Beazley to claim your prize.