Course Offerings

Music Designs :

Music Designs is a class for the student interested in the history of Music. This class will investigate the historical perspectives of the major Musical eras. A major portion of the class will be devoted to listening to a variety of Musical examples and composers. Comparisons will be made between current styles of music and the early eras of Music.


ATTEND class.
Be PROMPT to class.
Treat each other with RESPECT!
Bring materials daily and use them appropriately.
ACTIVELY and positively participate in the class
Bring an OPEN MIND

MATERIALS- Students will need a notebook to collect daily handouts and assignments. Notes will be given on a daily basis. A writing utensil is required every day. A #2 pencil will be required for most quizzes and tests. Music an Appreciation-Roger Kamien is the textbook used in class.

GRADES- Grades will be based on classroom participation, quizzes, tests, and projects. To receive full credit for classroom participation, students must attend class daily and promptly.

Daily Participation-
45% Student is in class, on time, with appropriate materials. Students listen attentively and participate positively in classroom discussions. Tests, quizzes, notebook checks, concert attendance, and homework-45% Special projects and presentations-10%