Practica M  7.1 & 7.2 should be complete  4.1 & 4.2 by next class
Key sign Recognition quiz coming soon

Solfege Intervals
dr  Mj2    dm  Mj3   df  P4  ds P5
sm  m3   sr P4  sd P5 td m2 d

Learn mrd canon in D, C Bb, G and Eb in letter names
Do hand solfege in canon at the same time.

www.teoria.com  Under exercises.  Clef reading.
Note recognition practice in treble and bass clef.
Do add ledger lines.
If this is easy, quick and accurate work alto clef.


For later...
Part Writing Assignment

Scarborough Fair

What Child is this?  Adding a secondary melody

Adding 6th harmony to What child is this?

Adding Harmony to Melody Se Vuol Ballare

C Melody: Question & Answer #1

Part Writing 2b

Errors in Part Writing

Poor, poor part writing II pdf

CO Primary Harmony to Mel08.mus

Composition.... Structure of Melody

Composition... Adding nonharmonic tones and sequences

B. Writing Small Intervals Below the note given.

E. Process for H Analysis.pdf

E3. Introduction to Triad in Inversion