Grade Policy :

Music Ensemble Grading Explanation:

35 Percent - Participation in Rehearsal and Class Preparation -Students will earn participation points for each rehearsal. Full points will be awarded to students who are on time, demonstrate adequate preparation, have all music, instruments and equipment and participate for the entire rehearsal in an intent and focused manner.

-Participation on an A or B day will be worth 35 points.
-Participation on a C day will be worth 30 points.
-Failure to participate in rehearsal due to illness, injury, missing music, equipment or instrument etc. will result in a reduction in points.
-Excused absences will result in daily point reduction. Makeup work for classes or sectionals is possible but must be done in a timely manner and is up to the discretion of each teacher.
-Unexcused absences will result in point reduction, without possibility of makeup. -Tardies will be handled at the discretion of the teacher, but will result in partial loss of daily participation credit and/or detention.
30 Percent - Performance Tests, Class Work, & Sectional Participation
35 Percent - Participation Concerts, Performances , Dress Rehearsals

-Attendance at Concerts & Dress Rehearsals is mandatory.
-Students will earn participation points for each performance or dress rehearsal. Full points will be awarded to students who are on time, demonstrate adequate preparation, have all music, instruments and equipment and participate for the entire rehearsal in an intent and focused manner. Correct attire with all parts of uniform or outfit must be worn to receive full credit points. Dress Rehearsals are final concert polish rehearsals. They may be held during a class period or after school.
-Absence from a concert or dress rehearsal for any reason will result in grade loss. Excused absences and makeup work must be arranged in advanced of a missed performance. Only in a bona fide emergency will absences be excused after the performance.
-Unexcused absences may not be made up for grade points.
-Makeups Students wishing to makeup performance grade points must play a concert jury for the the music faculty. Jury will consist of an individual performance of concert repertoire. Students must call ensemble teachers in advance when missing a dress rehearsal, performance or concert! Note: The semester grade is a cummulative grade for the entire 18 weeks not an average of the 3 six week grade periods. According to MSHSAA rules students must attend classes all day in order to be eligible to participate in an afterschool or evening event.
Grade Percentages for music department ensembles are as follows:

92%- 100% A
83%- 91% B
74%- 82% C
65%- 73% D
64% and below F

Missouri State Activities Association requires a passing grade in 5 classes for previous semester and enrollment in 5 classes for the current semester in order to participate in state sanctioned activities such as Solo & Ensemble, and Large Ensemble Contests. At PCHS, the 18 Week Semester grade is a cumulative grade. It is not an average of 3 six week grades.
Citizenship Grade Requirements:

O - OUTSTANDING: Student contributes actively at all times and shows leadership within the section, does not disrupt the learning process, does not talk during rehearsal, and contributes help and time outside of the classroom weekly.

S -SATISFACTORY: Student contributes willingly when asks but shows little initiative or leadership, does not disrupt learning or talk during rehearsal.

I -IMPROVEMENT NEEDED: Student interrupts the learning process occasionally by talking or other inappropriate action, or contributes infrequently.

U -UNSATISFACTORY: Student disrupts class frequently by talking or other inappropriate behavior and does not contribute appropriately. Tardiness and excessive absence from class rehearsal will be also reflected in this grade.
Honors Grade Options exist for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Treble Choir and Concert Choir. These grade requirements are listed in the Honors Grade Option Requirements Pages. PCHS Honors Grade Option for Music Ensembles Honors music grades may be earned in Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra & Treble Choir. Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors are eligible to enroll in this program provided they fulfill the listed requirements. Students enrolled in the honors program will be expected to perform in an exemplary manner in order to justify the additional grade point. The grade of "H" is an exception not a rule. Please see the Honors Grade Ensemble Packet for complete information.
Band, orchestra and choir students in a major music ensemble are eligible to apply for a music letter or pin each year.
Students must:
Receive an "A" for the semester in their major ensemble.
Have perfect concert attendance.
Receive an "S" or above in citizenship.
Turn in a letter/pin application by May 5th.
Must have done service hours for the department.

Students must also do two or more of the following requirements:
Participate in an out of school major ensemble
Participate in an extra school group
Participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest
Contribute by doing ensemble managerial work
Take private lessons
Do another approved activity.

Each year the Music Department presents numerous awards to students. Individuals contributing outstanding efforts and demonstrating exceptional performance skills may receive one of the following awards to be presented at the department banquet in May.

National School Choral Award
National School Orchestra Award
Outstanding Soloist Award
Most Versatile Musician Award
Most Improved Musician Award
Colt Academic Awards in Music
Arion Award for Musician & Scholar
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
John Phillips Sousa Band Award
Musicianship Award

This information is in the Ensemble Handbook PDF which can be downloaded from the Ensemble Handbook or PDF Forms menu.