Please make sure all  dates are on your family calendar

Senior Scholarship Contest Essays are due April 19th,

Please encourage your senior to enter the scholarship contest.

Please ask in the music dept for more information.


Honors grade essays are due April 12th.

Topic should already be chosen.


Febr 4th6:45 - 9 pmManchester Methodist Church

     Go south on 141.  Approx 4 miles
     Take Manchester Rd. Exit.
    Turn right on Manchester Rd.
    Turn right at the next stop light.   Autohaus is on your right.
    Go up the hill.  Manchester Methodist is on your right.

Febr 5th
6:15 pm Concert I and II Dress Rehearsal on Stage Manchester Methodist Church
7:00 pm Symphonic Orchestra Call

7:30pm Masterwork concert
Dress is formal black tux.
Students are responsible for bringing concert instruments.

Oct. 3rd, 2012
Orchestra and Choir are currently offering a brochure
chocolate and other items for sale. This sale began
Sept 25th and runs thru Oct. 9th.  Money must be
collected in advance of Oct. 9th.  Checks should be made
to PCHS Music Parents.  All profits got into individual
student accounts for future expenses thru their ensemble.

Orchestra Form Packets are due immediately.
Gentlemen should take their tuxedos home today!

Preliminary Orchestra Dates for 2012-2013 School Year

have been given to students and are posted under important dates
and on the website calendar.

Please make sure these main concert dates are on students' personal

calendars and on families' calendars.


Please check www.musicpch.com for regular updates.

Directions to All District Concert Location

St Louis Country Parks and Recreation:
Queeny Park
Greensfelder Complex
550 Weidman Road
Ballwin, MO 63011-4426
(636) 391-0922

Take 141 south past 40/64 to Clayton Rd Exit
Turn left at the Clayton Rd stoplight.
Follow Clayton Rd until Weidman Rd. 
       If you come to Mason Rd you have gone too far.
Turn right on Weidman and follow it until Queeny Park Entrance.
       If you come to Manchester Rd you have gone too far.
Turn left and follow the main road to the Greensfelder Complex.

State Solo & Ensemble Contest is May 1st in Columbia MO.
Let Mrs Crock know immediately if you cannot go.
Anyone receiving a 1 rating at District is eligible to go.
Anyone who played with Mrs. Pyron at District Solo & Ensemble
should bring a check to PCHS music for $25.00.

Congratulations to...
2010 All State Orchestra Members from Central
Connie Chen, Violin
Joy He, Violin
Hope Hua, Violin
Adam McDonald, Violin
Sean Byrne, Viola
Ben Park, Cello
Maggie Madsen, Cello Alt.
Daniel McDonald, Violin Alt.

2009-2010  All Suburban Orchestra  Members


Charles Qin                                  

Adam McDonald                        

John Lee                                 

Andrew Kim                                

Douglas Tang                                    

Hope Hua                                    

Kristen Latta                                 

Hye-soo Park                                 

Anisha Gururaj (alt.)                        

Eric Burns (alt.)                        


Anita Fike


Maddie Erickson                   

David Huang                                 

First rehearsal is Friday Nov. 13th at

Summit High School


You must attend!

Scottish Concert 10/9th at Logan College
See below for details.  All orchestra students
are expected to participate. 
Bring wire stand and

Artist in Residence at PCHS
Brian McNeill, Scottish folk music excerpt will perform at the
Focal Point on Oct. 3rd at 8 pm.  Tickets are available at the door.
The Focal Point is on Sutton Rd south of Manchester in Webster Groves.

Brian’s professional career spans more than three decades; and

he is acknowledged as one of Scotland’s great musical forces—

a songwriter, composer, producer and musical director, as well as

a performer. Brian plays fiddle, octave fiddle, guitar, mandocello,

bouzouki, viola, mandolin, cittern, concertina, bass and hurdy gurdy.

He is a master musician and a great writer— Brian will feature his latest CD

“The Baltic Tae Byzantium.” Another show jointly-sponsored event of the

Focal Point and the Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education (www.stlspae.org)
$14 in advance; $16 at the door.


All State Audition Information is available online
Please see the website for excerpts and detailed
audition information. 
Start now if you are serious about
this audition.
All Suburban Audition Information is online
as well.  See additional opportunities for website info.
Please return Scottish concert commitment sheet ASAP.

Orchestra needs 10 volunteers to work concessions in the
stands on Homecoming Football game.  Friday night!
Great way to earn honors points.

St. Louis Scottish Festival Performance Information

Brian McNeill,   World renown expert in Scottish Traditional Music

            Concert II and Symphonic  Orchestra   
            Lab 9:40 on Monday and Weds.
            Bring your home instruments except basses

            Concert I  Orchestra               
            9:40 Class on Tues. & Thurs.

Concert Schedule
            October 9th, Friday, PCHS
            6:15 pm arrival at Logan College of Chiropractic  William Purser Center
    Approaching Logan College Purser Center f r o m   H w y   40/I-64  a t   I-141.
    Take H w y   4 0 / I - 6 4   West to exit #20 Chesterfield Parkway.
    Turn left on Chesterfield Parkway.  Cross over Highway 40.
    Turn left immediately onto South Outer 40.
    Turn right immediately  1/10 of a mile onto Schoettler Road.  Don’t miss this!
    Logan College entrance is about 1 mile on the right side of the road. 
    Follow signs to the Purser Center.
            7:00pm Concert at Purser Center. Parents are welcome. Entry is free!

    Bring your instrument and a wire music stand. (Extras available at Central.)

Wear new black orchestra T shirt and khaki or black pants.

You will not receive full credit for this event unless your commitment
 form is turned in by October 1st.
If you cannot attend, you will may be excused if you return your form on time
and your excuse
is approved by Mrs. Crock in advance and has your parent’s signature. 
Participation is expected.

Parents and students!!! 
If you have questions about your test grades please
see the test type or description.  If the test is indicated as a MT
(Mastery Test) grades are considered in progress until
you reach the 95%.  These tests are assessing crucial
skills to solo and orchestral performance.  You need
to achieve a 95% or higher in order to progress sequentially
both technically and musically.

If you have not achieved a 95% or better you
 are encouraged to take the test again with the goal
of better success, higher skill level demonstration
and a better grade until the end of the grading period or
the concert where
the repertoire is featured.  Please see Mrs. Crock
before or after school or at lab to repeat a test.

If the test is indicated as a T in the grade description
the grade is fixed and is not considered a mastery skill but
a fixed indication of student skill and
preparation at a certain time.

We have been doing mastery testing in orchestra for
years but parents were not always party to the "in process"
aspect of the grading system.  We feel this type of testing
enhances student learning and achievement and raises the
overall skill level of all involved.  We feel that it is elemental
in seeing that all students succeed in the very complex and
difficult tasks we demand.


Please call or email Mrs. Crock if you need
a private teacher recommendation


Excellence is a habit!

 Metronome work:
If you do not have a metronome go to www.metronomeonline.com
Start practicing 20 less than indicated. Play two or three speeds daily.
If there are any hesitations or mistakes do unit practice on those spots
and drop down a speed or two.
Do not speed up until it is easy and accurate. If the final speeds seem slow that is ok.
We are working on consistent tempo control now. Speed is not hard for us!
There is a free downloadable metronome if you don't want to always be online
(It's limited to count increments of 10):

Thanks to Ms. Needles for all of her work as Music Parents President.
Welcome to Dr. and Mrs Becker as incoming Music Parent Presidents.
Thanks to Mr. Jacobs for continuing his work as Music Parents Treasurer.
Thanks to Mr. John Hendrickson of Concord Cleaners for his help and assistance with cleaning the orchestra tuxes.

Thanks to Mrs. Wang and Mrs Altese for their weekly assistance in the music office.

Your help is vital to our program.

THANK YOU To All who contribute to our programs!



 Practice only on the days you eat.
Shinichi Suzuki

The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept. were toilng upward in the night.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden sway,
But they, while their companions slept. were toilng upward in the day.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow/via Crock

Without music, life would be a mistake.
Frederich Nietzsche